Theater Performance

Suitable for casino & resort showrooms, performing arts centers, and upscale retirement communities.

InSights: An Evening of Mindreading

Michael Spremulli’s critically acclaimed one-man theater show will have your patrons engaged from the moment that he takes the stage.

Can it be? Is it really possible for someone to know you better than you know yourself? Experience Michael Spremulli, and you decide.

Michael takes the art of personality profiling to another dimension. He blends his finely honed skills of sizing people up with his highly-developed intuition. Michael credits his heightened intuitive abilities to being born with a severely diminished sense of vision. This forced him to rely on insight versus eyesight. The result is an immersive, theatrical  experience that has astounded audiences throughout the country.

Whether you requirements are a “artist for hire”, “two-wall”, or “four-wall” engagement, Michael most likely offers an arrangement that meets your needs.¬†

Contact Michael today to discuss having him make an appearance at your venue. He can be reached directly at 229-257-0665.

Contact Michael Today!

Michael is available for national appearances. Please contact his office using the following information:

229-257-0665 x 107