Corporate Events

Are you responsible for hiring the entertainment at your next corporate event, sales meeting, or conference? Have you been struggling to find a professional performer that will appeal to a diverse audience and is incredibly easy to work with?

What if you could read the minds of your attendees? Michael Spremulli can!

There is nothing supernatural. He doesn’t speak to your dearly departed, see ghosts and doesn’t communicate with your pets. Spremulli simply pays extreme attention to people and tunes-in to the fine details that the average person ignores and infuses his highly developed natural intuition. This is the basis for a performance experience that blurs the lines of realty. He will have your guests and associates talking long after the event is over and make you the hero of your organization.

Whether you are planning a large event for your company, or an exclusive gathering of executives, contact Michael today to discuss how he will partner with you and help make your event a success. You will quickly discover how easy he is to work with and be astonished with his commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Your guests will be more than entertained. They will share a remarkable experience that they will never forget.

Contact Michael Today!

Contact Michael Today!

Michael is available for national appearances. Please contact his office using the following information:

229-257-0665 x 107